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google-driverless-carWith all the promises and hype, It still seems unlikely to see AI driven driverless cars (AV) as mass substitution for human-driven cars in near or perhaps in far future, short of specialty niches in application for elderly, young or disabled people. But why? What is the hold up?

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1__I greatly appreciate efforts of millions of hard-working down-to-earth American software engineers from Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the US who, with sweat of their brow, built backbone of world digital revolution in all fields of engineering. However, with heavy heart I must say that, as it has been clear for a while to everyone, except for bloated media gurus, and their sedated, gluttonous former revolutionary prophets of new digital age, that Silicon Valley has become serious or fatal impediment to further development of digital technology and software engineering. Similarly useless have become their ill-conceived, insane ideas of fake novelty, which only purpose nowadays is to obstruct, sleaze, slime, hype and expel odorous gases of their inventors’ digestive track before spatter us with their next creative destruction diarrhea.

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