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This blog is an attempt of honest look at raise and fall of American small businesses in general in relation and comparison with global corporate engineering behemoths . These small companies, true building blocks of community, are being currently decimated in the process of so-called “creative destruction”. We examine the question who is doing creation and who destruction to reveal truth about all the cruel hype and myths associated with it.
We definitely aim to cover, legitimate issues of technological progress, academic programs in engineering, continuing education and true innovation within engineering community.

We also would like to discuss, financialization, monopolistic practices and engineering hollowing up of big corporations and painful question of, often economically unviable outsourcing of expertise and capital as well as discrimination of main street companies, especially small, locally and fully owned business (not a Wall Street front). Such unreasonable practices lead to collapse of local engineering communities and often, permanent loss of unique expertise in the USA.
We also would like to discuss issue of incompetence and/or corruption of more and more corporate decision makers or their pones resulting in real threat to important engineering standards, including safety ones, causing real material damage to economy and sometimes even loss of life. We also address role of, unfortunately, completely idle engineering associations, which abandoned their constituents and their cry for support decades ago, serving exclusively state and corporate interest.

We will surely touch upon fallacy of toothless corporate/governmental “diversity programs” and their cruel intentions of promoting their own cronies rather than genuine attempt to level plain field in crushing competition from engineering behemoths. Also we take on technologically outdated, outmoded, unenforceable laws that often serve purpose of neither maintaining engineering standards nor market protection.

We will definitely inquire about contradiction of dramatic absence of women engineers in businesses vs. abundance of women in engineering businesses and its consequences for push for equality.

Finally, we will try to cover wide variety of current topics of general engineering, investment and technological interests in economical, political and historical context.


3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. telsa

    thing is , you’re the first person i’ve read to really hit the full way on the california water scandal. what it’s actually about.

    but i think you also need to take a more stoic systems side look at it, in order to figure out what the right play is.

    the state government is ruled by those who either and/or
    1) take orders from nwo with a plan
    2) simply look to extract money through bribery and extorition using the state power for their own gain as opposed to the gain from 1 above……….and 1 includes corprotacratic elements.
    3) are simply massively incompetent
    4) who desire crisis and are malevolent

    so you get a government that really is just either evil until the next guy comes into power during a period of tapering populatoin growth in california.

    after all, claifonria really has not developed or had much building in the last 20 years compared to what came before.

    booming real estate prices have to do more with QE than population growth.

    so what do you do in this circumstnace?
    1) leave california
    2) wait for things to ‘get better’?
    3) move to a different location in california where you hope to escape governnment attention, northern cali, nazi country?
    4)join the evil axis and start working for them by getting a gov job or being a direct contractor for them.

    5) educate the ‘public’ and hope that ‘democracy’ solves the problems than an educated moronic electorate helped facilitate?


  2. telsa

    you need to do a piece on the ‘uber’ economy. the local taxi guild busting behemoth uber who has NO new technology and whose entire business model is labor arbitrage (much of the price of capital is priced into the depreciation of the ‘drivers’ own car , but the preponderance is just price compeitiion by a monopoly whose power in the market is only because government refuses to OPEN the market to independent operators. )

    the insurance companies and govenmrnet ‘certifiers’ make sure independent contractors and drivers in general cannot work without meeting excessive regulatory burdens. but….to be fair, that is what organization is versus total anarchy.

    we already have anarchy. you CAN be a gypsy cab driver in ny. but yes yes..it’s illegal, but you are free , even as a murder with bad intentions to drive around and pick people up until you are caught. uber or any other company held to account for who their drivers may be do put a check on organized participation. keeping out riffraf.

    so , it’s always a double edged sword.

    if you’re a real communist you can be PRO guild. or the opposite you can say the government itself should run the entire system via setting up a system for independent contractors or hiring people itself.

    BUT WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? corruption finds its way into ANY AND ALL organized human behavior. TLC versus in house governmetn operated cabbie force? no difference really. in the long run. so perhaps a blance of local tlc’s fighting uber is actually a good imbalanced tension keeping everyone somewhat more honest than they would otherwise be?

    but this isn’t about uber. it’s about the sharing economy labor contracting model that has ZERO to do with ‘high tech’ other than stupid mobile app databasing. it is about labor arbitrage. and the destruction of standards of living in the west. but it’s also about a new model for getting work done. we are perhaps entering a phase of very disruptive political economics led on by the skyrocketing labor insecurity brought to you by scaling the ‘contractor’ model for work to envelope all but the most necessary members of the executive and managerial classes .


  3. telsa

    i like your perspective . because even though they are transparently true
    1) 90% of people either don’t care to find the truth or buy the propoganda
    2) of the at most 10% that do, many are too busy solving their own problems to blog and others are busy making the problem worse ( being part of it and profiting from it )

    that said, your quality is SO LOW. take some inspiration from washingtons blog. add LINKS. to back your story up. and for god sakes edit your pieces with better grammar and proper word useage.

    if you do those 2 things, you’ll have a burgeoning audience.



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