renewable-energy-tax-breaks3When in the early fifties during one of the UNESCO sponsored conferences some voices from Europe and Asia began to raise previously unidentified issue, a threat of so-called demographic bomb with destructive potential exceeding that of thousands of nuclear weapons. A call for action was largely ignored by the world ruling elites basking in its economic success on the ruins of WWII and happily choking on smoke of their greatness. Proponents of urgent action argued that within several decades, the trajectory of exponential growth of the world population would have been unsupportable even by the entire world’s natural resources.

Therefore, they insisted that a package of reforms including the population management prerogatives achieved by consensus would be critical for continuing development of a civilization that recognizes humanity of every person and serves to improve the standard of living and alleviate superfluous human pain and suffering caused and/or inspired by unjust social systems as well as entrenched hierarchy of power and exploitation. Most of the UNESCO panels agreed that there was no other choice to avoid the future population catastrophe.

The big plan was three-pronged.

  1. Development of political and socio-economic initiatives for sustainability and regionalization.
  2. Resolving women political and socio-economic inequality issues.
  3. Development of new revolutionary and abundant energy technologies.

The proponents of the plan pointed out that by ignoring the demographic problem, the ruling elites of the world are sowing seeds of many future regional conflicts and wars in which, under guise of national or political pasturing, ideological strive, or the necessity of seemingly rational policies of social change, would be deep legitimate concerns about dwindling earth resources per capita simply due to the exponential population growth. Already back then the plan proponents realized that total amount of the resources extracted from our environment might be still increasing until the end of XX century or so. However, after that, in conditions of  increased amount of the required energy output, the technology would likely commence to cannibalize itself, enormously accelerating dangerous resource depletion.

The resulting resource access inequality would dramatically increase and consequently the society would split or bifurcate into several parallel streams of those having access to the resources (elites and courtiers of power) and those who don’t. The end accomplished via means of political, economical and social manipulation of the new world order. In other words, the proponents of reforms predicted regression of the civilization into an ecological neo-feudalism, process that would leave billions of people, dead from disease and starvation inadvertently unleashing dreaded process of the inhumane population control conducted through savage brutality as it happened again and again over ten millennia.

In order to avoid this calamity and consequently slipping back into the dark ages proponents of the plan suggested that nations of the world must invest massively is the basic infrastructure serving primarily local communities and limit growth of the urban conglomerations, which are unsustainable by definition. Nations must slow down the urbanization processes by bringing infrastructure and services to local communities, initiate controlled migration process of the population from the areas identified as unsustainable, prone to coastal floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters and develop massive spatial planning capabilities mostly on the local and regional level.

The nations have to enact policies that bring jobs and investments to the local economies as well as protect local economies, small to medium businesses and promote community sustainability. The nations have to recognize the importance of the community developed planning of overall self-sustained economic growth through the investment incentives and tax policies, to achieve a moderate growth rates and make the efforts to avoid any significant disruption of the society due to technological/organizational changes imposed onto peoples’ culture and lifestyles, and/or to limit severe consequences of inevitable climate change.

Nations of the world were asked to consider following critical social programs involving women. Policies and programs of a dramatic increase in the woman educations including technical skills education and sex education as well as overall college education, should be enacted. The average age of the marriage for women should be increased from 12 to 22 years. Law should protect the rights to birth control in a form of anti-conception methods and safe abortion services on demand.

The egalitarianism and dismantling of the system of casts, class, rites, customs, or the socio-economic barriers etc., that limit women rights and/or privileges as individual with respect to economy, society, religion and make woman an equal citizen with full rights and responsibilities with respect to the community, law and government, should be promoted. Massive social programs to support pregnancy and young mothers married and unmarried without moral judgments and connotations, should be enacted. The dowry or any custom financial settlement associated with the marriage that limits women choice, should be eliminated. The nations were also asked to support women equal rights in the marriage and commit the government to strongly support young married couples through shoring up the jobs as well as through tax and other incentives.

Nations of the world were asked to join together to developed radically new and innovate, non-existing yet technologies for cheap and abundant energy, and in medium time scale, to completely abandon burning fossil fuels as an extremely expensive, inefficient and destructive way of producing energy. The abundant, clean energy would be critical for diffusing dangerous demographic bomb. Nations have to commit to massive investment in education in revolutionary energy science and technology that would provide clean energy solutions for next millennium.

Sadly the big plan was uniformly rejected and none of the above recommendations were ever implemented by any nation. One may be surprised that I am saying that. Some may say that some selected points of the plan have been at least partially implemented, but that would be false. Nothing was implemented, except for few futile attempts, at the mediocre political systemic changes while huge unsustainable global governments and corporations thrive, urbanization proceeds in accelerated ways and inequality reigns.

The misguided, inhumane population control policies, without appropriate social support, or cruel incentives to control gender, with all the unintended consequences such as destabilizing families, impose more pain and suffering on women pushed into being concubines or prostitutes instead of marriage. Those decisions resulted in less and less of women self-control over their lives and has only fueled the demographic problems instead of alleviate them.

What’s left was few groups of corporate sponsored green fanatics hugging trees before they are cut down for pleasure or profit, chasing remaining dolphins or already empty fishing boats for YouTube clicks, or supposedly cleaning rivers while in facts providing cover for the globalists to move industry and jobs abroad and pollute river for profit somewhere else. Instead of reason and human concern about dwindling natural resources described in the plan we got psychotic rants such as “drill baby drill, dig baby dig, burn baby burn” for national energy policy promoted by the elites all over the world.

The promise of revolutionary new technologies has never materialized. The revolutionary basic research in physics has been de-funded, suppressed or taken over by the military-industry complex and choked to death. The breakthrough technologies such as controlled nuclear fusion, room temperature super-conductors, x-ray lithography or optical computing systems are only few technologies that would have provided abundant clean energy systems with near zero cost, and thus have been purposefully killed because they potentially would challenge the power elite interests. Instead, we got nothing but ridiculous utopian ideas of the so-called “renewable energy”, such as solar, wind, geothermal, dark age technologies developed to barely support the civilization with 100 times smaller population. The promotion of such technologies as the saviors of humanity, in the context of predicted over 60 years ago, inevitable changes of the global climate and true remedy contained in the big plan, is simply insane.

The solar power technology is about 400 times more expensive than fossil fuels and its production requires burning a lot of fossil fuels somewhere in China. It provides no benefits to the US economy and popping up heavily subsidized green electrical power generating companies are simple Ponzi schemes financed by the Wall Street with no business plan and no feasible technology. The solar technology, as it is actually implemented, after careful calculations, does not provide any benefits but only excessive cost to the people since they have to pay for the subsidies to “renewable energy” businesses via taxes and never-ending utility rate hikes often based on the fraudulent or inflated utility costs while the market speculators thrive.

The other fraud-like practice in the solar industry is exaggerating costs related to the junction/combiner boxes integrating home owner wiring to the electrical grid, which could go into thousands of dollars, wiping out any “green” savings and forcing owner into more debt, like a gambler encouraged to play, hoping for the recovery of lost money that never comes. Often omitted from the advertising brochure is the fact that in dusty or humid areas the longevity of the system practically does not exceed five years before serious deterioration of the solar panels performance begins.

Owners are misled by being suggested that weather or sun illumination has changed in the area and is responsible for the higher energy bills only after few years of the solar panel usage. The large areas of the open space in the west of the US are being wasted for deployment of the fields of solar mirrors and heavy oil based collectors producing more electricity than surrounding snakes, rats or coyotes ever be able to consume in thousand generations since it is not feasible (no profit) to connect the site to the state grid.

The absurdity of the solar based system, as an alternative to current fossil fuel system, has become apparent in Hawaii where about 50% of all the homes adopted roof solar panels. Such arrangement caused tremendous instability in the electrical power system resulting in the skyrocketing electric rates and forced utility companies to increase burning of oil, and consequently pollution and emission of the greenhouse gases in their power plants to maintain stability and reliability of the power supply.

The intermittent solar power technology offers no scaling capabilities in the national or global scale and it always will be a niche industry. Such assertion seems to be recognized even by the Wall Street after years of the propaganda of false energy choices supposedly supported by the global warming research and billions of wasted subsidies, which went mostly to the hedge funds and Chinese manufactures.

Already investors started to pull the plug on this solar energy Ponzi schemes and solar companies bankruptcies avalanche began. The list of some of bankrupted or acquired solar power companies over last few years could be inspected at

Unfortunately, also other renewables do not fare well and they are nowhere close to replacing current dirty power system. Out of four industrial scale geothermal power plants ever built, three have been closed and remaining one will be closed in the near future due to horrible damage to the local environment, including evacuations of entire cities affected by the ground collapse and damaging earthquakes.

The hedge funds supported wind turbine industry, will soon share the same faith, next time the Wall Street collapses and the ugly truth will be revealed that due to the unpredictability and intermittence of the local winds and prohibitively high investment and maintenance costs of the wind turbines, most of them do not actually produce any useful electricity when it is needed and where it is needed and they operate well below their technical specs for efficiency. Instead, the wind power companies are financing their operations through the government subsidies or selling the company stocks to unwitting or corrupted investors for quick profit. But most of all the Wind Turbine Technology as it is developed now is not scalable globally as the latest research indicates:

Most of the hydroelectric power stations are aging and most of them are in the state of neglect, due to deficient investment and cuts in maintenance cost over the decades. Many of them, similarly to the rest of the US infrastructure, are on the verge of dangerous failure due to the structural problems of the aging reinforced concrete, poor maintenance or due to extremely low water levels. Since the Wall Street is obviously not interested so far, there is neither hype nor new investments in this old but very clean technology especially suited for small local generation facilities for the special purposes. Unfortunately, the hydroelectric power systems are not scalable in the global sense and therefore mostly unsuitable to meet future needs in centuries to come.

The Nuclear power however, is neither clean nor sustainable and is simply a cruel hoax, masquerading as the power generating technology. There is no such a thing as the peaceful or civilian nuclear power. Little history. When in the early fifties the nuclear weapons race between the US and the Soviets and later China was in its apex a problem aroused of running huge operations of producing the nuclear weapons in total secrecy. The issue was the necessity of running secretly many nuclear reactors fueled with over 99% of U238 and less than 1% of isotope U235 which after the controlled fission burning produced 3-4% of isotope U235 ready for subsequent enrichment in order to produce the nuclear weapon grade fuel. Another problem was that further enrichment of uranium U235 and Plutonium Pu239 isotopes required enormous amounts of electricity, for running of hundreds of thousands mechanical centrifuges 24/7 affecting whole national power system with variety effects that were not easy to conceal.

To the rescue came bunch propagandists from Pentagon or W.H. and devised the peaceful use of nuclear energy mantra, brilliantly conceived method of hiding massive nuclear war preparation effort as a benign service to humanity as proclaimed by president Eisenhower as early as  in 1953. As a result the first so-called US Civilian Nuclear Power Plant was born in Shippingport, Pennsylvania in 1957, with moderate redesign of original military nuclear reactor and adding steam turbine and electric power generators. Even deadly adversaries of the US in Soviet Union did not openly attack Eisenhower, by calling him liar and hypocrite in editorial of “PRAVDA” newspaper as they usually did but instead they were uncannily receptive to the supposed “peace” overtures. They must have understood the point and figured out that they can also use this propaganda ploy to keep readying to the nuclear confrontation while utilizing previously useless steam to light up half of Siberia, all in the name of world peace. No need to go on.

Ignoring the inherited environmental dangers and flaws in the basic concepts of design, nuclear power plants were never meant for civilian use for one reason alone. Namely, complete lack of any technology enabling utilization of deadly, lasting up to billion years, nuclear waste for any further civilian use and fairy tales about new breeder reactor technologies do not change anything in that matter. The Fukushima NPP disaster is a prime example of deadly results of reckless design based more on the war contingencies than consideration for civilian lives, combined with complete criminal incompetence of private operator focused solely on the profit. The medium term effects are starting to show up in the form of 6000% increase in cancer cases in the Fukushima prefecture while authorities call area safe.

Soon veil of propaganda about the world energy system and earth natural resources will collapse despite the efforts by the world elites to slow down that process by the economic and social engineering techniques directed toward deliberate suppression of the standard of living in the west to the lowest global denominator and consequently to suppress global demand for resources, as we experience for the last 15 years. The collapsing of many world trade indicators such as Baltic Dry Index (BDI) which is at almost all time low indicating that the current world commodity trade is at the same level as it was when earth population was less than half of that of today even when globalization supposedly reins supreme. Soon the propaganda will reveal that after all these years of peddling the conservation and praising renewable energy all we have been left with are mysterious substances, figment of the imagination of XXI century corporate alchemists such as “clean” coal, “clean” oil, “clean” gas and “clean” nuclear electricity and tons of Gigabytes of video of the so-called socially aware corporate types and celebrity commercials.

The renewable revolution will be declared dead and supposed mission of the renewables to save the world will be revealed as a big lie perpetrated by the usual suspects. Such outcome should not shock anyone from world elites who never believed it, except for some gullible spectators, protected by the ruling class and hence immune to the reality or fake corporate financed environmental activists absorbing as gospel the excretions of green propaganda industry that exploited legitimate issues of the global climate change to take hold of the earth’s natural resources.

As it was predicted over 60 years ago we are already facing perhaps, not yet physical but surely economical resource access limitations due to the systematic program of pauperization of the world population, stemming from the old fashion elite’s resource hoarding. Even in the western world, hundreds of millions of working people or pensioners, facing a dramatic loss of incomes daily, due to the Wall Street gambling, speculation, fraud or deliberated corporatist government policies, are forced to radically cut down on food, the natural gas, electricity, water and/or transportation/medical services and other utilities due to outrageous costs purposefully hiked to offset the continuously collapsing demand. [The observed instabilities and the collapse of the global commodity markets are just first signs of the Wall Street realization of the world of natural resource apartheid that they created and the collapse of the global demand it brought.]

The new habit of turning off refrigerator and the central heating for the winter, turning off the air conditioner during the summer, sitting in the dark room at home with three sweaters  and the winter coat on, or in-home recycling of the toilet bowl and post-wash water as well as the urine in order to convert them into the household cleaning items is already common practice for millions also in so-called richest countries in the world. The countless millions of victims of joblessness and foreclosures, returning home or to relatives, forced to cut down the cost of the resources they need for sustenance including food, cloths and commuting which became unaffordable causing the collapse of demand for gasoline and oil. The prices of all the resources the low-income people need to survive are being purposefully hiked by the behemoths of monopoly and globalization in the undeclared war for critical resources.

The demographic bomb has not been diffused at all but instead it has been loaded with more powerful explosives. The big plan, from fifty years back, addressing the global resource scarcity, limited essential resource access issues, and providing a sensible solution to the coming calamity has been long abandoned and forgotten.

Broken human race, while indulging in the soothing delusions of TV reality, is tranquilly awaiting its providence. Are you?




  2. telsa

    this post has said what many other commentators have said more eloquently and with more evidence and is full of grammar mistakes.

    peace. good luck spewing low quality writing on a blog. just one more sewer on the internet with a truth fountain.


    1. Sostratus Post author

      I presume you are literary critic, although it is hard to judge from your erratic style. In such context, yours, out of place in engineering blog, emotional outburst is somewhat understandable, although regrettable. But what is even more disturbing is that you missed major point of my post.

      The major point of my post, which you cannot easily found anywhere in MSM and even in blogosphere, is that I tried to bring back from oblivion and re-frame, in context current demography, economic, political and climate changes, big picture of what really needs to be addressed beyond empty propaganda of renewables or other technological marvels that suppose to save our civilization without necessity of profound social changes. That’s not true. Profound social changes are imperative.

      If I offended your literary aesthetics I have one excuse that I will repeat here again.

      I am an engineer, working everyday for living with no English major under my belt so forgive me for stylistic imperfections which shall be improved as soon as I hire professional editor, which will be never.


  3. Beast of Jekyll Island

    No matter how they phrase their rants, almost everyone is a supply-side moron. This yahoo is another in a long line of internet buffoons convinced ubiquitous yet shadowy “powers” have strangled all promising technologies in their beds, for . . . reasons and it would be a fluffy-bunny utopia if only we’d wasted all our grandchildrens’ money on some other dipshit idea. As if the myriad physical problems of controlled fusion could be overcome by dumping more cash down the idea, because it’s not that humans may not have the technology currently (or perhaps ever) to create a miniature sun on Earth that produces more energy than it takes to run it, but we’re just too got-damn cheap.

    By the way something, there are useful , non-proliferating fission technologies out there, but they’ve be held back more by the anti-nuke hysteria of clowns like you. Ever wonder why all those reactor plants are using 40+ year old technology? Yes, companies maybe somewhat reluctant to upgrade (although extending the life of a huge capital investment can actually increase profit), but the onerous regulations make it utterly pointless. Instead let’s build bird blender farms and low-efficiency, short-lived solar heat traps!


    1. Sostratus Post author

      Welcome nuclear power lobby on our blog. I know them well. As usual they are rich on rhetoric and shockingly poor on facts and reading skills as proven by the comment. Unfortunately, shadowy conspiracy theories about murky mystic forces of morons, yahoos and buffoons that strangled some technologies with their bare hands and/or prevented building more nuclear plants in US in last 40 years rather than it was caused primarily by steady US economic, industrial and scientific decline are not allowed on our blog since it is dedicated to rational people only. We deal here only with money, profit and power driven reality devoid of magic that’s happening in open, in front of our eyes for everyone to see. Sorry, wrong blog.


  4. george227

    As a former engineer for a large power company, I disagree. This guy is happily stuck in the 20th Century, and the promises of some Magic Box to give us unlimited power. And what would we do with that? Nothing good, since it will be controlled by politicians in the ownership of others.

    We have not defunded research into those esoteric fields of advanced nuclear power and cold fusion, and other schemes.. Many are still devoting time and energy to them, but they are not going to save us. We have to do it with clean living and more intelligent use of resources.


    1. Sostratus Post author

      It is true that some efforts are still being made in field of controlled nuclear fusion but they are all minuscule in comparison to actual needs for this almost unlimited and potentially totally green technology. It is especially disconcerting seeing how much “progress” has been made over last few decades in military nuclear technology including fusion, by spending tens of trillions of dollars, at least thousand times more than on civilian applications.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. john

        by spending tens of trillions of dollars, at least thousand times more then on civilian applications.

        THEN ?
        Then refers to something that happens AFTER something else.
        Do you mean THAN?


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