DiversityOne2In old good days when American working people were not allowed to be unhappy American government with tacit approval from power elites made sure that all were busy doing something that would make them unlikely to contemplate what was actually going on in their country, namely fusion of state with capital in unprecedented scale, effects we are experiencing now.

The scared to death American power elites, recalling fate of their ideological kin in French and Russian revolutions, orchestrated mind distraction propaganda about existential struggle with evil empire. At that time they feared less phallic objects falling from the sky disturbing their five o’clock tea and more sickles and knifes that abridged their predecessors.

Hence, GIs coming back from war and similarly “frightening” European ideological experiences were given good industrial jobs paid with strong and newly baptized dollar, willing wives, baseball and descent liquor. They were readily embraced by, at that time, politically correct mafia run trade unions and suddenly enjoyed workers benefits fantastically matched with those in England, France and Italy, countries run at that time by communists or socialists.

The wives, who made jobs available to their husbands by being summarily fired from their often highly professional jobs, after war were made busy making babies, contemplating color of next toaster, reading lifestyle magazines about how to drain husband bank account and his ”honor” using single traveling salesman, as well as techniques of back alley birth control. Other more affluent women were busy exploring politics of misogyny and same-sex sexual education in finishing schools for virgin maids. Those more stubborn were given re-heated feminism treat to chew on.

The kids were given “Wonderful World of Dismay”, teaching kids, honesty, equality, cooperation and love to subgroup of rats, virtues nowhere to be found later in their adult lives. All that was accomplished by using motion drawings created by suspected, card-carrying red.

For a change, teenagers were made busy back seat cruising around high school detention centers, diligently studying anatomy of opposite sex and art of sniffing natural and industrial odors of freedom. Those young with more incisive minds, that might possibly figure things out were given scholarships to newly egalitarian universities and made busy solving endless list of differential equations, learning by heart Hegel’s “Phenomenology” or equally insane task of explaining it in simple terms to a layman.

Those few who still insisted on capitalism were given ample opportunity to set up their own mom and pap businesses, serving other busy young and old Americans, under strong protection against state, federal and corporate domestic and foreign competition, so they could keep believing that hard work and Americas know-how rules in God-fearing capitalistic society.

In apparent panic American ruling class went so far that even desolated racial and later some ethnic minorities, including remains of native inhabitant cultures of American continent, were allowed to speak of their human and economic rights after centuries of genocidal policies of civilized Europeans, as long as they also look away. The rulers made sure that those who did not heed their warning and looked at big picture, were promptly silenced.

And so it was beginning of small business/minority and later minority/women based politics and ensuing policies, unfortunately, most of them have already abandoned, repudiated or corrupted to the bone.

These implemented diversity policies of plane level field required transparency in contracting and bidding process and voluntary, but in practice mandatory, quotas for diverse suppliers. These policies were seriously enforced by Fed regulatory control over investment strategy of large corporations.

In 1950-ties in business to consumer area, all levels of governments were order by law to cease all activity that could be picked up locally by small businesses or minority businesses. One of relic of those good days was fact of ordering expensive bathroom tissue from small contractor instead buying it bulk directly from big corporation.

Big corporations were enticed to subcontract work to numerous small business, by promise of export licensees, financial subsidies and tax incentives, all behind the scenes.

The big car and aircraft manufactures had hundreds of thousands of small business/minority subcontractors, most of them just selling them stuff freely available on the market, and only few specializing in high-tech.

Politicians loved to brag about proud American meat cookers, running their own business, and contrasting them with evil Russian meat cookers, running state-owned business. The taste of cooked meat was never discussed. The American political class enthusiastically bestowed on those embodiments of American success, slew of privileges including state-run healthcare system subsidy to small business which due to ideological reasons could not sign into any healthcare insurance scheme, as it constituted, freedom destroying, evil commie regulations. The influential professional guilds and small business associations were being revered as carriers of virtue, morality and vitality of the system while they were just appendages of government and big capital dressed for show.

Even Black, Latino or Indian small business leaders, systematically eradicated just few years before, were paraded in the white house, as an example of heavenly harmony within American society, with underlying, disgusting patronizing tone. At the same time true Black, Latino or Indian leaders demanding political and economic sovereignty, equality or just right to clean water or electricity or simply use of restroom, were being hunted down and often killed.

Such an extend and pretend sociopolitical theater, nursing small/minority businesses had to come to end when small family business became reluctant to produce bombs while youngest family member bit bullets in some desperate land. The camera and light were shut off and stairs began just after worst soviet hysteria abode.

First, Wall Street unleashed devastating assault on small business in clothing, tourist, hotels and restaurants industry while big industry dramatically cut subcontracting to small/minority business. Era of Wall Street boom induced franchise began steering conflicts and purging small independent business out of the market.

At the same time government mandated, completely superfluous corporate bureaucratic entities, which suppose to be dedicated to small business diverse suppliers but in fact became gate keepers, staffed by minority workers tasked with preventing minority/small business from obtaining any kind government contracting through slew of obstructionist often costly, totally unreasonable new requirements.

The diversity departments of big corporations, places which supposedly were created to level plane field for small business needed for fair competition for contracts with big corporations, instead focus on trying to convince small business owners that there is no problem at all, no discrimination of any kind, no unfairness at all and that they should quit their business if they cannot make ends meet, because the corporation will never do business with them. While corporate America massively , often against the law, outsourced contracts that could be inexpensively sourced in the US.

The definition of small/minority business was stretched beyond a pale of any reason. Now even $300 million revenue business, supported by Wall Street bankers and run by a minority guy is considered small/minority business and is eligible for all the “privileges” including multimillion dollar government loan guaranties. The unreasonable bond and insurance requirements or superfluous requirements that contactor belongs to certain professional guild, obtain certain license or specific certificates, while law does not require that for given contract scope, are common.

While inviting small business to bid for a project, corporate procurement officers often require that successful bidder has affiliates all over the state or US, equivalent of hundreds of employees and many tens of million revenues, or to own expensive hardware or software which is technically unnecessary. The projects are purposefully merged and consolidated into large sizes, unnecessarily widen scope and shortened deadlines, requirements that automatically remove small/minority business from competition.

Not to mention, blackmail of corporate contracts that stipulate repudiation of collective bargaining agreements clearly against the law and other extortionist tactics. The corporate contracts are being negotiated by armies of lawyers, and assure corporate interest and minimize any potential risks to corporate bottom line. In contrast, contracts forced upon small business are just short of devils cerographs, where all costs risks and third-party liabilities often beyond possible scope, combined with total indemnification, are being loaded on small/minority or woman owned business often for sole purpose of destroying it and livelihood of its owners. As a rule no negotiating opportunity is ever offered, the choice always is, corporate way or highway. Such a predatory practices has been well documented.

On the top of these dramatic policy changes regarding small/minority businesses, originating about 30 years ago during Soviet disintegration phase, and existential threat to elites rescinding, new class of so-called small entrepreneurs emerged. They, in tandem with women and minority political class of courtiers, embraced mission to maintain illusion about vibrancy of small/minority business and entrepreneurship spirit for propaganda purposes.

Those TV media frequenting, minority/women entrepreneurs telling audience, incessant “Back to the Future” mantra that “you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it”. All that conveniently forgetting to mention millions of Wall Street newly printed dollars that were put into their pockets as seed money, which often disappear just after airtime living huge bill for taxpayers.

This perverted manipulation of concept of entrepreneurship and economical self-determination was apparently necessary to preserve illusion of relevance of small/minority/woman business in America while they were being mostly replaced by shell or front companies often “run” by minority or women elites. It’s nothing but embarrassing spectacle to watch over the hill, business propaganda machine types exaltation over incoherent teenager ramblings that he got but did not ask for $50 million from corporate giant for his “revolutionary” website disrupting world from his parent’s basement, hailed as a prime example of American ingenuity.

The true small/minority/woman businesses are being destroyed as we speak by oligarchs of concentrated capital. We are exposed daily to fairy tales of women who started cookie business few years before and now selling millions, while forgetting to mention that they’re married executives from huge cookie distribution company. The epidemic of women, with no technological background but plenty of family connections, made bosses of small firm supplying big corporate giants, while number of women engineers catastrophically dwindles from already embarrassingly low levels, not to mention virtual non-existence of women engineers, owners of small high-tech companies.

Cronyism and elitism reign supreme in the world of fused corporate and government supply chains. Small business is programmatically pushed out of contracting opportunities by Wall Street funded vertically integrated behemoths that never face any real business to business markets on the way from raw materials to consumer basket. It is accomplished by employing hundreds off the balance sheet shell companies that serve illusion of diversity of suppliers and are very helpful in the scheme of tax avoidance or evasion. Delivering milk to supermarkets from hundreds miles away while local small producers located few miles away suffer is just one example of such madness.

The real monopoly or oligopoly positions of majority TBTF global corporate giants in every market, industry, media, agriculture etc. and devastating consequence of such a situation on small/minority/woman business is well-known fact. Remaining small businesses are dying or are bought up by Wall Street hedge funds and used for variety Ponzi schemes, pumping and damping equity and other once illegal activities.

Attempts to revive small business culture through cooperatives or other arrangements of self-sustainability are being met with vengeance by corporate elites and government, declaring them illegal (like row milk producers) or steering them into sin industry direction, such as gambling or prostitution. When starved Indian tribes in XX century, dying on desolate concentration camps on reservations, demanded economic opportunities, instead they were given ultimatum to submit to US gambling mafia against their solemn beliefs and culture, in return for privilege to drum again their century silent drums. Those ancient tribes that opposed this and demanded expansion of respectable economic opportunities, by government infrastructure investments were administratively dissolved or replaced by fake tribes of postindustrial jungle, who learn about “Indian culture” from Hollywood movies.

Such a small business –cidal policies, supported by power elites and illegitimate minority and women courtiers, brought obvious fruits of devastation. The small business creations are now below world level and even below European level and it is getting worse.

The propaganda says the majority of businesses are small businesses ignoring inconvenient truth that as of five years ago less than 8 million people work full-time or part-time for small businesses in the US and now is much less. The small business revenue/profit is a rounding error of that of big corporate.

While small businesses were always only a minute part of US economy historically dominated by giant monopolistic institutions, for some decades small businesses were intentionally protected and nurtured solely for purpose of propaganda and class warfare.

And now, when struggles of cold war and childish insecurities of American oligarchs are just ghosts of distant past, none of old virtues matter, human dignity, ethos of work, craftsmanship, skills and knowledge, solidarity, local self-sustained development of economy, stability, local community, compassion, sacrifice, care and other social and moral values, true American, human values, none of it matters now.

What matters now is phony diversity of one.


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