1__I greatly appreciate efforts of millions of hard-working down-to-earth American software engineers from Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the US who, with sweat of their brow, built backbone of world digital revolution in all fields of engineering. However, with heavy heart I must say that, as it has been clear for a while to everyone, except for bloated media gurus, and their sedated, gluttonous former revolutionary prophets of new digital age, that Silicon Valley has become serious or fatal impediment to further development of digital technology and software engineering. Similarly useless have become their ill-conceived, insane ideas of fake novelty, which only purpose nowadays is to obstruct, sleaze, slime, hype and expel odorous gases of their inventors’ digestive track before spatter us with their next creative destruction diarrhea.

Many feeble-minded college dropout Silicon Valley billionaires, hailed as brilliant entrepreneurs by M.S.M. propaganda, and financed by speculative capital, publicly indulge themselves into pure madness of absolute disruption, conceived by their brains under altered states of consciousness resulted from overdose on greed and self-aggrandizement. These false disciples of “God of Progress” self-entrapped in their glass palaces of hallucinations, while promising brave new world of utopia for betterment of humanity, will not hesitate to blast population back to dark ages .

Almost nobody noticed that all those half insane pseudo-leaders of Silicon Neverland, many years ago abandoned idea of any genuine R&D here in the USA or even reasonable, long-term business development and gave up on sound business planning based of social demand and operational profit, for hype and narcissistic overtures of their paid disciples.

These patriots, on the wave of QE+ and deliberate economic policies of US government, completely gave up idea of making money from their businesses old ways, by earning it. Instead they became all producers of stocks, corporate bonds and other financial instruments for profit. De facto becoming Wall Street businesses of financial manipulation, pretending to be hi-tech companies. Buying back their worthless stocks nobody wants with borrowed money, while collapsing capital expenditures, critical for new, high paid engineering job formation, is a proof of their secret self-cannibalization and their utter fiduciary failure in their shareholder duties. But what’s worst, is that they openly express downright disdain for working people and mainstream economy in the US. Imagine that in 50-ies such behavior would have been considered as anti-American but now they are hailed as national heroes of entrepreneurship, pride and joy of government and uninformed, hypnotized by trinkets populace.

Many “Gods of Silicon Valley” became bankers (like Apple Inc, fourth biggest bank by cash holdings) or investors at large (Google Inc., Facebook Inc., etc.), perhaps even speculating on balloons, cocoa, malaria nets, or worthless, teenage run, Ponzi start-ups prophesizing second coming from parents basement while their user base collapses all over the world. All this, whereas admittedly committing slew of securities crimes as well as violations of anti-trust laws practically with impunity.

In face of these disturbing facts, one can only reach only one shocking conclusion that old SILICON VALLEY, driven by cold war science, engineering excellence and innovation of 50-ties and 60-ties is DEAD and already stinks to heavens but not buried yet, to delight of hungry crowd of insane techie necrophiliacs and cheer-leading brain-dead media. Do you smell it? Or it just me.



  1. telsa

    you are commenting on the culture. but you still are ignoring the 800 pound elephant in the room.

    as long as there is a growing population base to payroll tax in the u.s. —–it makes no difference in the long run because military spending and 0% interest loans to the biggest inner circle corporations will ENSURE the dominance of the core silicon valley companies and some larger number of smaller undetermined firms that do face some competitive fitness pressure to survive the next major financial crash.

    while many companies go out of business, and the greater mass of californias public peoples suffer, and the california state itself may go bankrupt, while pensioners and other fixed income creditors of the cali government are stripped of their entitlemnets or expected payments, ————————–you STILL WILL HAVE the core of this innovation in california so long as the jobs are there.

    and THE SECOND THERE IS ANY PRESSURE—the biggest companies and their smaller brethren will all get the tax breaks they ask for. everyone else will be taxed up the ass. but not them so long as they are the golden geese.

    this is the same dynamic in nyc but for wall street.

    these companies have a noose around the neck of californian politicians who cannot afford to be seen as letting jobs escape the state.

    eventually the only thing that will displace california is NOT a mega-collapse like all you doom and gloomers predict, because rot can continue almost indefinitely—-the ONLY thing is a better alternative to california for big technology company provided quality jobs.

    my quess is the next wave of big tech companies will find growth not in the developed world but in the brazil, russia, india, china, NOT south africa, but also maybe south east asia.

    the problem is that any major alternative will not scale until after the dollar is rocked off its pedestal and that may or may not happen soon. it is indeed very hard to predict. for all the dollar haters out there. the main impediment to raising rates is the american publics anger with its own government—which is barely a problem as the public is mostly a bunch of passive fat stupid folks incapable of staging a revolution of genuine staying power. at best you would see 5 years of pretend revolution and counterrevolution to a dictatorship but that is EXTREMELY unlikely. the u.s. is going to slowly settle itself into tyranical democracy for decades more and until then the crisis capitalism cycle of dollar flush and drain ( the credit cycle in the brics) will be controlled by the fed and euro. all the ‘waves’ out there by commentators about the chinese taking over the dollar are total bullshit. the asia investment bank. bullshit.

    the world still needs the u.s because the dollar STILL defines the game and will continue to do so until A WHOLE NUMBER OF THINGS CHANGE.

    the weakness of the u.s. is apparent. but the great game is all about relative competitiveness. the europeans are way worse. and the rising brics are all extraodinarily weak and their hyped up strength is a bunch of bullshit meant to pretend they are anywhere close to supplanting the western empire by way of various direct currency swaps, railroads and gas pipelines. they are getting stronger. but they are not anywhere near the strength of the u.s nato hegemonic empire.



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